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Today I have a different type of post to share with you, I’ve finally bought a new label maker and have completely finished my *new* A4 cardstock storage system and thought you might like to take a peek 🙂

Unfortunately, I don’t have an entire craft room to myself, we live in a very small post-war house and have turned one of our bedrooms into a computer room which contains 4 desks + a small table for our youngest son, 3 computers, a printer, filing cabinet and much, much more!!! It has to be able accommodate all five of us at the same time and is the only room I can store my stamping supplies in, so an efficient use of my share – and I have to admit, I do have the lion’s share – of this space is so important, ’cause I ain’t gettin’ no more 😉

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I have one end of a 5 x 5 cube Ikea Expedit (now Kallax) unit for the majority of my paper storage and was running out of space with my previous system as my colour collection grew. I know there are some awesome storage solutions out there that are tailor-made for these units, but they are not readily available in Australia and are very expensive to ship and there were certain climate factors I had to take in to consideration to keep my cardstock in pristine condition.

I live in Brisbane, which is sub-tropical and very humid in Summer, high humidity and porous paper… hmmm, not good, then add a particularly dusty house into the mix and there are real problems. So my cardstock is in clear plastic document wallets that protect it from both of these environmental factors and keeps my cardstock clean and flat 🙂

My document wallets are in these extra wide magazine files from Officeworks that are tuned on their sides. They help keep the packs upright and also act as dividers between the different colour families. You can fit three across with a little space at the end that’s perfect for a few extra packs of unopened cardstock and I can now fit 25 – 30 colours on one shelf, so all my cardstock only takes up two shelves, with room to grow instead of not fitting at all over three 🙂

Little Paper Party, Storage Tips & Tricks, A4 cardstock & punches, #5

The type of folder was important to me as well, I knew I wanted them to be clear and they had to be able to hold an entire pack + scraps easily. I was pretty fussy about the type of closure I wanted too, anything with a button or elastic that might end up marking the cardstock wasn’t an option so I was thrilled when I found these ones with this simple slit closure 🙂

Little Paper Party, Storage Tips & Tricks, A4 cardstock & punches, #2
I have two smaller Kallax units on top of each other near my desk so have the neutrals I use all the time, the specialty papers and the 12″ x 12″ papers in one cube within arms reach for quick and easy access. The A4 cardstock is stored the same way as previously mentioned and the 12″ x 12″ is in plastic scrapbook storage sleeves or the original packaging if it has the thick backing for support.

Little Paper Party, Storage Tips & Tricks, A4 cardstock & punches, #3

I think one thing that a lot of people struggle with is punch storage, when I was setting up my craft space I found this letter tray at Ikea. It’s all metal and meant for paper storage – they must be some pretty heavy papers – but I’ve found it great for punch storage and it fits perfectly in one of the Kallax units cubes 🙂

Little Paper Party, Storage Tips & Tricks, A4 cardstock & punches, #4
The shelves are metal and lined with cork, which I like, here I have five of our larger punches on just one shelf and this unit holds all my current punches. I still have a few of the older style whale punches, these fit on the top shelf and the very bottom of the unit is perfect for those oddly shaped border punches.

This unit is in the cube under my DSP and everyday cardstock and I love having these two go-to areas within easy reach 🙂

I hoped you liked this quick look at some of my crafting areas, it’s really difficult when you have limited space to find space-saving yet economical storage ideas, especially when your supplies keep growing but your space doesn’t 😉 I’ve included links to all the products I’ve referred to in this post, just note that they’re all in Australia so might be unavailable in other countries.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’ll be back next week with some fun ideas using the new Carols of Christmas stamp set.


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